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Friday, October 26, 2012

Counter InTUitive 10.26.12 - Stop already Trinitonian!!

This is a regular feature to examine the information in the weekly Trinitonian editorial. I love the Trinitonian and the students who run it. Sometimes, however there are more nuances to the issue than they have space for. Besides, electronic media allows for there to be "watchdog" watchdogs. Editorials are rated by "hits," as in blog hits, with one being worst and 5 being best. If they are published on-line I will provide links.Well, that was the idea anyways. The last time I reviewed a Trinitonian article or issue was in April of 2011. Since then, I have lost my will. The Trinitonian has killed it.

I love the Trinitonian. Sure, I do what all good administrators do: I quickly peruse it for damage control first thing Friday mornings. I look at the page-one headlines and turn right to the editorial section. If I am unscathed, I take a little time to enjoy the paper worry-free. Occupational conditioning I guess. So, unless the student newspaper staff really ticks me off, I will likely retire the "Counter InTUitive" series. Seems like I had already.

When I visit other campuses I am most interested in their dorms, their dining services, their student centers, and their campus papers. I always want to see that ours are better. Trinity-lifer conditioning I guess. I don't know that I have seen a better, more professional publication than our Trinitonian. I urge our others to not take this for granted. This week's issue gives us plenty to like:

Creative presentation
One of the first indicator of quality is how linear a story is written or presented. Linear would be a straight news story about the five year anniversary of the Mississippi Miracle. The Trinitonian's coverage is visually alluring and graphically exciting. Alumni were identified and interviewed. Kudos for interviewing the opposing coach from Millsaps.

The list of top five U.S. President's is about fictionally portrayed characters and properly had Jed Bartlet at the top of the list. This isn't U.S. News and World Report. A campus paper should be fun. Full Halloween coverage including costume reviews adds to it.

Issues in higher education, an obituary on a former professor, and coverage of sexual assault awareness programming are included. One of the best pieces is one by Faith Ozer about Affirmative Action. Clear, unbiased, and it uses a Trinity professor for context. With another graphical timeline this a credible and interesting piece of news.

Topical coverage
This appears to be the election issue, though I suspect, in the words of Yoda - "there is another." The coverage is wide and deep. It includes "Voting for Dummies" and a number of creative and clever stories, including some interesting intern columns, coverage of a political speaker, and a special Sidewalk Symposium which showcases the serious and silly nature of our students. Fraternity and sorority issues are also covered and yet another nice touch is an interview with a Lancer alumnus.

Opinions galore
Two males writing on issues of breast cancer awareness and sexual assault? They say some things sure to generate controversy. The throw-away but thought-provoking piece on - surprise - alcohol, and the safe, but spot-on piece about school spirit/school pride all make for interesting reads.

Faculty everywhere
It is almost like we are on a college campus. Editorials from professors in Communication, Political Science, and an article about East Asian Studies and Don Clark all showcase the intellectual fire power of the Trinity professors.

Who am I to say, but Aly Mithani seems to have nailed his NBA predictions. How about a follow-up at season's end. The touching story about an O-Rec trip leader saving someone's life probably should have replaced the dull topic of the Skyline Room on page one. It is all rounded out by an equestrian headline with a horseplay pun.

The font in the star burst on page one is too small. The Skyline hours are wrong. AND, the headline about the Congressman acknowledges a second congressional speaker but never explains that in the article. Stop already Trinitonian. You're killing me.

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Faith said...

Thanks Dean Tuttle! I really enjoyed writing that AA piece.... Appreciate the insight elsewhere.