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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Counter in TUitive 4.12.11 - Animal Story

This is a regular feature to examine the information in the weekly Trinitonian editorial. I love the Trinitonian and the students who run it. Sometimes, however there are more nuances to the issue than they have space for. Besides, electronic media allows for there to be "watchdog" watchdogs. Editorials are rated by "hits," as in blog hits, with one being worst and 5 being best. If the stories are published on-line I will provide links.

Overall issue review - 4 blog hits
Subtitle: Stream of Consciousness Rant

See April 8, 2011 issue:
This is the best year for the Trinitonian that I can remember. So, imagine my surprise and shock to see a large page one photo of what appears to be a student, dressed like a student (not like a hunter), hovering over a dead and bloodied bear, with a knife in hand. (The student had the knife, not the bear -- or the picture may have reflected a far different result.) Maybe it is the smile on his face (again, the student, not the bear)... maybe it is the pristine pick-up truck in the background that might suggest this is a roadkill incident... or maybe it is the fact that there is no caption or story, so we are left to make up our own: "Student tragically kills roommate at a surprise costume party at a nearby truck dealership..." But something seems strange about this.

Fortunately, there is a reference to an accompanying story on page 15. This makes me wonder, do I want to read about this, really? Of course I do. It is here that I learn that the bear is actually a boar. Huhh? I don't know if I feel better or worse. Why did the student kill a boar with a knife and look so happy about it? Turns out he hunts boars, with dogs and said knife. Huhh? He apparently shoots animals too, but prefers this kind of hunting, in which he and the dogs corner the boar (which can often come in 12-packs AND weigh as much as 400 pounds), and then murder the boar with a knife because it will "eat your crops." Huhh? Boars are such boors when it comes to wanting to... eat.

I know, I am probably not keen on stories like this, being a vegeterian and all (with the "all" being hating to see things killed). But the story raises bigger questions, such as, why is this in the Trinitonian? There is no apparent context except the photo makes readers want to know why this happy, clean-cut student murdered a bear. I mean boar. And that's another thing. Why is there no blood on this guy. What, does he think he's OJ? But I digress. The story doesn't mention anything to tie the story to Trinity. I guess we are to assume that it is just understood, here at TU, that every once-in-awhile we all want to be treated to a good bear/boar/boor murder story.

The story goes on to quote another student (who is a pretty good little basketball player) who went to Canada on Thanksgiving to shoot a moose. I note several ironies in that one sentence, by the way. He likes to do this rather than doing touristy things. He said that. He bagged his moose, noting, "You don't realize how big a moose is, until you get up close to it, and you get to appreciate the animal." Before, that is, you shoot it with a gun. And give thanks, I suppose.

Other stories include one about a pack of dogs attacking a jogger, not a boar, and one linking Facebook to depression. There is actually a picture of the attacking dogs taken by Grounds Chief, Mike Schweitzer, who had been talking to the jogger while in a golf cart (the jogger wasn't in the golf cart, being a jogger and all, with the "all" being about running from dogs, who may or may not be accompanied by a student with a knife.) Mike, realizing my lawn wouldn't cut itself, no doubt, had driven off, only to see the attack, turn his golf cart around, race to the scene, take pictures of the dogs, call TUPD, and then assist the woman... I'm pretty sure in that order.

What is this, Trinity Geographic? And the main editorial is about the elimination of the senior capstone course? Are you kidding me? Can you say missed opportunity? After seeing all this... I give up. I think I'll just take my chances with Facebook.


Anonymous said...

Not to defend the method with which the boar was apparently killed, but hunting feral hogs is actually beneficial to the environment since the hogs are an introduced species that are quite destructive: uprooting native plants, killing ground nesting birds and other small animals and competing with the native pig (javelina) for limited resources. Personally, I would use more humane techniques and only hunt for food.

Digital Subway said...

I definitely like the Trinitonian this semester more than in the past. Quality has gone up. Except for occasional republican rants of one columnist.

Anonymous said...

I think that this article is relevant in that it relates to activities which many students at Trinity engage in, both male and female. It is also a tradition that is very important to many Texans. It is ridiculous to criticize people for engaging in hunting boars, because, as previously noted, they are detrimental to the natural environment. As a hunter and a meat eater, I think that the practice of hunting is exponentially more respectful of the animals than purchasing meat that has been farm raised on overcrowded farms and ingested with antibiotics.
In conclusion, I find this article to be rather rude and displays a lack of respect.

Anonymous said...

Its easy to rant and criticize others practices while hiding behind a blog post. Im sure the author of this blog has never ventured out of his chat room in an attempt to appreciate others viewpoints or culture.

Kaitlin W. said...

I personally enjoyed the placement of the uncaptioned picture next to the story about ASR cutting funds from student groups. At first, I thought the story and the picture were supposed to go together and assumed the Trinitonian was just being unnecessarily harsh.

Anonymous said...

As a Texan and hunter, I still am inclined to agree with the blog post. While I feel there is nothing wrong with hunting wild boars, I do not see how this story is news worthy, a kid goes hunting for boar in Texas, stuff like this goes on all the time. If being a hunter is news worthy, I need to get them to come write a story about me.

Kristina Meyer said...

Just a note from the editor-- the story was covered in our Pulse (not News) section, where we often do profile pieces on students. Not all Trinity students hunt boar or come from Texas (where it's probably more commonplace), so we thought it would be an interesting read.

David Tuttle said...

Dear Editor,

Indeed, everyone was talking about it. Thus the rating of 4 hits. You done good, as always.

Anonymous said...

I assumed the student was a Trinity student - making the story very relevant to the diversity of the campus population. If not, then I agree it was unnecessary.
Sensationalizing your comments with reference to 'murder' is inappropriate. That term does not apply to animals.