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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Cool Stuff

As if a brand new Miller Hall (first year area) wasn't enough, the residence halls also received some new gear for the comfort of residents. Pictured above, the North-South lounge and foyer (Upper-class area and Sophomore College) have new looks thanks to recommendations from a group of students and staff members. They met last year to re-envision this space and their plans came to fruition this summer. The Prassel patio (Sophomore College), below, was also really fully furnished for the first time at the suggestion of a Student Affairs colleague. This space will hopefully provide a mellow and shaded locale for students to relax, visit, and study. Look for a similar upgrade in McLean next year. Staff members Cally Chenault, Wanda Olson, and Cindy Lara were in charge of ordering and installation planning on these projects.


Anonymous said...

this is one Trinity Dad's response:
Can you imagine a webcam shot in the middle of February that shows students studying in lounge chairs out in 70-degree sunshine? Then compare it to a similar webcam image of Notre Dame on the same day…

David Tuttle said...

I like it! We should have a campus winter web cam. I will forward the idea to University Communications!