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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Harry and Mary Marshal in the Class of 2013

Dr. Harry Wallace (above, right) and Mary Ullmann-Japhet (above, left) have been named the Class Marshal and Alumni Sponsor, respectively, for the Class of 2013. In this photo, When Harry met... Mary, they had lunch off campus with their Student Affairs liaison, Brian Hirsch, to discuss plans for the Class of 2013. Dr. Wallace is a tenured faculty member in Psychology and Ms. Ullmann-Japhet (Class of 1984) is a former broadcaster who currently leads San Antonio Sports. In their volunteer roles they will serve as practical and ceremonial leaders for the new students over their four years at Trinity. They will offer context for where those students are in the Trinity experience, whether as new students adjusting to freedom or juniors seeking internships.

They join the esteemed duo for the Class of 2012: Dr. Angela Breidenstein, Education (below left), and Mr. Dave Mansen, (below, right). They will be serving in their second year of the program, working closely with their students, now all living in the Sophomore College. They too met this summer to make plans for the year, but took time out to strut their stuff AND honor(?) the Trinity seal in front of Northrup Hall.


Shep McAllister said...

Ms. Ullmann-Japhet spoke in our sports media class last semester and she is a very impressive person. The incoming freshman are lucky to have her.

Mary Ullmann Japhet said...

Thanks, Shep! And thanks for becoming a San Antonio Sports volunteer.