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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Reboot: Tony the Tiger

Editors Note: I can't say it enough: Trinity employees, we are blessed to work here. It is our colleagues and students that make it that way.

Five years ago we nearly lost Tony Salinas, the Assistant Director of Institutional Technology, to a serious stroke. He no longer works at Trinity, but he is truly a Tiger at heart. Tony made his first visit back to campus earlier this month and he brought a smile the faces of everyone he reconnected with. Tony continues to live at a rehab facility in San Antonio. He and his father, Rudy, had to ride a Via van to accommodate his wheelchair and to get to campus for lunch in the Skyline Room.

Tony was always a good colleague and he as a musician, played at some campus events. While here, you could see the love and fondness that his closest colleagues from IT and the Registrars Office had and have for him. Tony joined a small group for lunch in the Skyline Room, got to see the many changes to the campus plaza between Northrup and Coates, was able to see the finished product that is the CSI sciences and engineering facility, and checked out the changes and his old friends in Halsell and the Registrars Office in Northrup.

Quick with plenty of quips and a quick wit, Tony also demonstrated tremendous recollection of names and faces, asked people about their relatives - often by name - and received updates on various projects and renovations.

Tony's dad says his recovery is ongoing and he is on a long, arduous road, complicated by delays in physical therapy because of staffing issues. Still, he has picked up a guitar and keyboard and gets out and about whenever he can. His friend and former colleague Cynthia Littles, in IT, said she never thought she would see this kind of progress. When he had the stroke the doctor suggested that Tony's prognosis was bleak. Guess he hadn't heard. Tony is a Trinity Tiger. Always will be.

Professor Bob Blystone meets his old friend Tony at CSI.

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