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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Good fellas

JJ and Moff
Manny Gonzalez
What a pleasure to have Dr. Raphael Moffett (above, right) drop in last week. He even borrowed some of my threads to play a little noon-ball and showed us that the kid still has game. He also shared funny stories about students calling him "Old School" during games up at Langston U in Oklahoma where he serves as VP for Student Affairs. We miss him here. He formerly served as Director of Student Involvement.

John Jacobs, or "JJ," also stopped by for lunch with some other colleagues and came down to the courts to say hey. JJ recently left his Assistant Director role in Student Involvement for a position as director at Northeast Lakeview College. I think he came back for his check, or vacation days, or something JJ-centered.

These two were superstars on campus here and were extremely popular with our students. Whether it is faculty, staff, or students, we are consistently blessed at Trinity to be among terrific individuals. Just this month, in addition to seeing Mark Montalbano and Cesar Giralt at the national Alumni Board meeting, some other alumni stopped by to re-connect (below). Manny Gonzalez served as SGA President and Siro Gutierrez recently relocated back to San Antonio. Finally, Steven Leach continues to work on world peace initiatives, ministry, and renovation projects.

Siro Gutierrez

Steven Leach

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