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Monday, August 12, 2013

Wanted: A new fleet... at K-TU

An unorthodox, yet successful admissions campaign was launched in 2010 by Trinity University when the staff stumbled upon young Katie Ogawa from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Like the AT&T ad campaign, our own "We want more" Katie Ogawa project was conceived. Most universities go for diversity. In our case, we found a good thing, and set out to find a whole fleet of Katie Ogawas.

One Katie Ogawa is a neat-freak (for the greater good, of course). We have a Katie Ogawa who went to Africa and another who spends spring break in Dominica. Hope Hall is a huge project, so we have several Katies on the job there. But we have Katie volunteers everywhere. Another has been recognized for her leadership skills.Finally, we have a pretty spiritual Katie, who goes on something called the Plunge.

The truth is, we have so many Katie's, we have lost track. We show a rare shy one on the Support Trinity page, She wouldn't even look at the camera.. On one post card (upper left), sent to prospective Katies, we show two of them - one cooking and one jumping. On a fundraising brochure (upper right), one is pictured with HOPE Hall while a running Katie is shown with the Trinity half marathon group, again, on the same piece. In a recent Admissions mailing one is pictured, while a more articulate one is quoted (center, above). And finally, two Katie's were featured in the same alumni magazine last January: One Katie is selling shirts (lower right), the other is back in Africa with some girl (lower left). I am as guilty as anyone, as I have featured one on my 2012 (yellow visor) half marathon page and again on my 2011 page.

Our Katie Ogawas are fantastic. Bright, personable, athletic, conscientious, out-going, quotable, and of course, photogenic. But the Katie Ogawa project is winding down. No one looked ahead to what might happen when the 2010 Katies would graduate in 2014. They will be missed, to be sure. We have a year for Admissions to get cracking, though. Surely there are more out there! So I will start the ball rolling by calling all Katie Ogawas: please check out our tour app, featuring one of our Katies. If you come here LOTS of opportunities await. And if you are one of a kind? We'll take you too.

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