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Thursday, April 28, 2011



One may wonder why this post is of interest and my explanation would be that it's the snapshots of life that often paint a picture. Sometimes little things, when viewed together, tell stories of places and people. That's what I try to do with my blog. So, consider this. Mary and Katie were good sports. They were amused by the situation, glad to be photographed without fuss, and both seem cheerful and happy. They are typical of our students in that they are both very likeable, or, put another way, they are kind of alike... That's all.

Internal dialog:
Oh, look, there's Trinity senior Mary W. Wait, that's not Mary, that's someone else.

Real dialog:
Hey, Mary, did you know there is a "Fake Mary" on campus?

You are the second person to tell me that - this must be true!

I will get a picture of her for you.

Me (days later):

:Excuse me, miss, what's your name and may I take a picture of you to share with your doppleganger?


Of course! My name is Katie S (sophomore).

Me:I will send you a picture of Mary W too.

Katie (aka, Fake Mary):
I look forward to it.

Vote, above right, on whether or not you see a resemblance.

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