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Friday, February 4, 2011

nICE Day at Trinity

Students took advantage of the snow day on February 4 to play with the fluffy white stuff. Two of these juniors are no strangers to snow but were up around 7 a.m. to play. The third student, from Texas, built the mini-snowman and dubbed it LeeRoy. I have never seen happier students.

Above and below, students engage in two of the most pathetic snowball fights ever. One worried whether or not snowball fights were against the rules. I assured them we had never anticipated needing such a rule in San Antonio and gave them the green light.

In my parental way, I urged this student on crutches to be cautious on the campus ice. He then reassured me by showing off his "ice boot" on the crutch. He put the equivalent of tire chains on his gear in order to avoid slippage. Clever. Below, Trinity mechanic Richard Ibarra joined the "essential personnel" to help shovel snow and melt ice around campus. As a Wisconsin native I would consider the crew spirited and effective. For amateurs.

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Digital Subway said...

Thanks for posting wonderful pictures. The story about a student on crutches was inspirational. And snowman was indeed very artistic!