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Friday, November 12, 2010

Strides: Mother and child reunion

This is a series on runners participating in the 3rd Annual Dean of Students Half Marathon Challenge on November 14, 2010. The final feature is about a new student from San Antonio, Arlyne Martinez - above left, and her mother, Yvonne Martinez (Class of 1976) - above right. Yvonne was diagnosed with stage four cancer five years ago. She is a tough cookie. Try running with her. They answered the questions independently by e-mail.

Why are you running the half marathon?
I am running the half marathon because my daughter encouraged me to do so. I really was only going to run the half marathon relay, but didn't have someone to run it with. I had decided I would run next year. Then my daughter, Arlyne e-mailed me not to forget about the early registration deadline. This is a challenge I never thought possible five years ago when I could barely walk.

Arlyne, your mom is running to keep cancer at bay. You motivate her. How does she motivate you?
My mom motivates me because shes does what she wants. She isn't pushy and tells me to just do my best.

What do you feel lucky about?
I feel lucky that I am a cancer survivor. I see life with a different perspective (almost as if I am living on borrowed time). This ordeal has brought our family closer together. I am so lucky to have my family.
Arlyne: I feel lucky about a lot of things; I have a lot of good things in my life, like my family, my friends, my cell phone, and much more. I’m very happy that I have what I have, and am able to do the things I do. Even like simple stuff: walking, seeing, eating, reading, some people can’t do those things.
Editor's Note: Really Arlyne? Your cell phone? Kids...

What about the other person makes you smile?
A lot of things about her make me smile, like how small things make her happy and how proud she is of our little dog.
Yvonne: Arlyne makes me smile when she is happy, successful and silly.

Mother, daughter or friends?
I’d say we’re both. She is always my mom and does mom stuff for me, like make me food. But I tell her stuff and she tells me stuff like friends do.
Yvonne: My role in Arlyne's life is of a mother first. We are close and I will be there also as a friend. Arlyne is my only daughter and there will always be a special bond between us. She has been my companion and my inspiration in much that I do.

Why did you each decide to go to Trinity?
I decided to go to Trinity because it is a good school. It will get me where I want to be in the future.
Yvonne: I decided to go to Trinity because of faculty and student ratio and its reputation.

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