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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hertz so good?

Is this too good to be true? The University has been approached about participating in the Connect by Hertz program. Essentially, several cars will be left on campus, and students who are pre-approved can reserve the vehicles for $12.99 per hour. Participants are given a swipe card that allows them vehicle access. The attraction for colleges is that the program allows 18-year-olds and international students vehicle access, as long as they are pre-approved. What this means for Trinity students is that those from out-of-state, from across the globe, or with no vehicle can have access for short term use. There is also a daily rate.

The Residential Life Office currently funds a program through the dorm fee run by International Programs that offers a shuttle every other weekend. ASR would like to see that program operate every weekend and is considering supporting the Hertz program as well. What do you think? Take the poll at right.


JGB said...

Trinity should look at ZipCar instead. Their program is already well established and may be cheaper for the university and students alike.

David Tuttle said...

Good idea! The zip car requires drivers be 21 while this allows for 18-year-olds and international students to participate. The list of schools using this program is growing, so I think we can have some confidence in it.

Ron said...

Sounds a lot like the "car2go" program we have in Austin, but nice that Hertz will customize it for a single campus rather than a whole city. Sounds like a great service to the TU student community!