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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Underdog forever

Kayla Mire ('10) passed away on October 2, 1010 in a one vehicle accident. I wish she hadn't been alone, but she had grown comfortable there. The last year or two weren't the easiest for her, but she was making a comeback. In her sister Jaime's blog honoring Kayla, she encourages that we be honest and "say what we feel." A stressed out Kayla sought advice from me about her commitment as an ASR senator. She decided to step down, and her peers in the senate rejected her personally delivered resignation. They didn't care if she didn't do another thing. They were pulling for her. They weren't the only ones. She had professors who loved and appreciated her and who worked closely with her to get back on track. They were pulling for her too. So was I. She played the unwilling underdog and is forever stuck there for me.

Her story is much fuller to many other people though. I look forward to the memories as posted on Jaime's blog and to hearing more stories about her from previous, happier times. Her sister, also a recent TU grad who had to endure the death of her brother in 2004 as well, says "I'm working on putting together a service project in her a honor, most likely a posthumous poetry reading, featuring her writing combined with the writing of those who knew her. It's titled the KAYLA project: Keeping Active with Youth, Love, and Art. I set up a blog where people can post their favorite memories, a letter to her, maybe a poem - whatever they feel. And their words, inspired by Kayla, will go on to better the lives of others. She wanted to devote her life to service, so I feel it's the best way to honor her."

Please honor Kayla's memory by reading or contributing to the KAYLA project blog. The funeral is set for Saturday afternoon.


Anonymous said...
if you have any submissions for the project.

14 August Sms said...

i really like this post