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Friday, October 15, 2010

Counter in TUitive 10.8.10

I love the Trinitonian. In the most recent edition, a photo is displayed on page 2 of the Dean of Students' campus house - my home - which was TP'ed with toilet paper the previous night. The headline read: "Are we in middle school again?"

Actually, it is high school. My house was toilet papered by the cheerleaders for Central Catholic High School for my son, who plays football as a senior there. I actually went out and chatted with the vandals as they decorated. They also did a little work on the Suburban, as pictured above. The front windshield actually said "Sexy Senior" which drew all sorts of odd looks when I was driving around alone later that week. Senior, yes, as in gray-haired old man.

I will think the Trinitonian staff thought I was the target of this: That -- by their headline --they were chastising the childish pranksters in a way that was protective of their Dean. That is good news to me. Even better news is that TUPD, housed next door to me on Kings Court, had also noticed the decorating and called me about it before charging in.

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