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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Go Student Go!

Students take a study break during final exams to pet therapy dogs that were brought to campus as a stress relief program (note the woman with the exam "blue book"). See the slide show at right. The further it advances the more tired the dogs become. The students though - couldn't get enough. This program will be repeated again, no doubt.


The Kemps said...

OMG - I LOVE this idea!! Haha- remember when Noelle wanted to get a dog?

Stokely Gittens said...

That is a great program and college is a marvelous time in a student's life because you're in college, then you are learning how to write a resume better, and then you are off into your career. Exam time can be stressful especially if a person is cramming for the exam. I like the therapy dog program. I remember those days in college when I was up almost all night and then I got up early in the morning to study. Great idea!