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Friday, February 19, 2010

Crystal Blue Persuasion

I was the first in line on Wednesday to have my image etched in crystal for free. I was the last in line too. Kind of ironic, since this promotion was a student organized TIGER Council event. Here is how it worked: Kramer Entertainment does a Clearly You Laser Crystal Imaging program that burns a 3D image into a two inch tall crystal piece. I had to have one. Or two.

The primary organizer, student Philip Jensen, says that in the six-hour time period of the event, 120 crystals were etched. Or maybe 122. I love this idea. Through the years I have seen student fees spent on concerts, inflatable moon bounces, movies, and scads of t-shirts. One of the most popular programs is the wax hands event during the Welcome Week Coates Caper. But this is the coolest thing, because you walk away with a little somethin' for yourself. Now I'm not materialistic, but... Oh, I forgot, I am. Philip tells me they normally sell for $60 retail.

I needed two crystals though. The first as a gag-wedding gift for former VP Felicia Lee and her soon to be husband. He-hee. It is in the mail. The other one, though, is a get-out-of-trouble-free token for my wife. The next time we have a fight, and at the point at which I lose - again, I will pull out the crystal in its nice little gift box (more like a crystal casket, to be candid) and give it to her: as in, "Well, the timing of the fight was really bad, because I actually got this for you..." Oh man. I may start a fight just to give it to her. The crystal.

So, at day's end I asked the Kramer people if I could get a second crystal, since my image was already on file. (I actually worked during the six hours in-between, I swear.) The man said "no, one per customer." Well, really, I don't know if that was his rule to make. We (the students) were paying, and there wasn't anyone waiting. He just wanted to go home. So I played the VP card for the first of what I hope to be many times. I asked Josh Beebe, the TIGER advisor, to see what he could do for me. Josh went up to the guy and said, "Hey, my VP would really like another crystal, and you would be doing me a favor..." Oh man. He is good. I have a new-found respect for him. The result: crystals are mine... all mine.

The truth is, I suspect Dr. Lee and my wife will return these to me because the crystals are, honestly, a little creepy. That's okay though. Someone already suggested that I now have my white elephant gift for next year's Student Affairs Christmas party. Maybe two.

Anyways, congratulations to Philip, and TIGER, and Josh. This was cool. I hope they do it again. I suspect that will make Phil, and Josh, a little nervous. But not me.