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Friday, February 19, 2010

Counter inTUitive 2.19.10

This is a regular feature to examine the information in the weekly Trinitonian editorial. I love the Trinitonian and the students who run it. Sometimes, however there are more nuances to the issue than they have space for. Besides, electronic media allows for there to be "watchdog" watchdogs. Editorials are rated by "hits," as in blog hits, with one being worst and 5 being best. If they are published on-line I will provide links.

In their editorial this week the Trinitonian bemoans the lack of participation in the ASR election this year. It is a really good column with the kind of ending I like. Essentially, and I will link it here soon, the call is for more involvement and action by students. I actually think it is less bleak than in the past. This was the first year in a while that candidate filing deadlines didn't have to be extended. In addition, at one point there were four candidates in the mix for the two officer positions, but some soul-searching by two and some juggling by others left us with the President and VP positions unopposed. I am genuinely excited to see Emmalee and Katie usher in the new era in ASR (with the new constitution and funding model). Current President, Emily Faber has done a good job in this transition year setting the new group up to succeed. When students see how important representation is in the new funding process over the next twelve months we may see more competitive elections. Regarding the lauded '09 race, most of the students didn't really care then either...

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Tom Tielleman appreciates feedback. Here you go Tom. His column this week applauded the green efforts of Physical Plant and ARAMARK. Long over-due. In fact, I urge Tom to challenge the student body as a whole to care about sustainability more. Aside from a handful of student activists, many students like the idea of green more than green itself. In the residence halls much of the recycling receptacles are contaminated by the co-mingling of trash with recyclables. (Probably by the same people who don't rack their weights in the Bell Center.) If we need more trash cans, we can get them. What we need most is buy-in by the masses. Tom pokes fun at the TU Security pick-up, but I would point out that many of the Security officers are on foot or bike patrol. The pick-up does have a function: Meeting girls. No, actually, it is to transport barricades, cones, and kegs from the residence halls back to headquarters to dump. (Nice technique, btw, Tom, because both times I did want to interject exactly where you noted the reader would. It was fun sitting with you at dinner the other night too.)

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Tom said...
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Tom Tielleman said...

I do love the feedback. Haha, thanks Dean Tuttle. It's good to know the truck actually has a function.