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Friday, January 29, 2010

Good Grief

Dr. Felicia Lee, above addresses the Student Affairs staff one last time after being recognized for her leadership, vision, enthusiasm, wisdom, and friendship. The outpouring of genuine sadness over her departure has been comforting: Her connections at Trinity were not just personal, but communal. Students, colleagues, parents, trustees all love her, and more than one has told me they want to be her - or would even settle for being like her. She has drawn out the University's social conscience and preached a message about loving others, excellence, and integrity. She leaves to be with her husband-in-waiting, James, and with her family in California.

From the Student Affairs perspective she has built a caring team that has a strong and renewed sense of itself and its mission for serving, supporting, and challenging students - and for serving others in the world around us. The division also presented Dr. Lee with a slide show to express our feelings and appreciation, and share it here.

Our grief will subside and in its place will be nothing but fond memories, admiration, and tremendous respect. It is a loss. But it has sure been good. Best wishes Dr. Felicia Lee!


Lynette Kenyon said...

Dr. Lee will surely be missed. I'm so sad to see her leave, but so happy that she will be back with her family! Dr. Lee, we love ya!

Hal Lovejoy said...

Dr. Lee, you've been a tremendous asset to Trinity University and have been an inspiration to me. Because of you my "style" has changed (some) to better see through other's lens. I/we will miss you. Best of luck in the future and all the best with your family.

The Kemps said...

Now whose name will remind you of me? Lol. So happy to see how Trinity always finds treasures, even if after time they must move on. :) FLEO