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Monday, November 23, 2009

Katie Storey Gets it Right

Katie Storey leaves Trinity University and Residential Life in January to be a stay-at-home-mom. She will be with her son Cason and build a home she and her husband Chris started to build while living in the Thomas Hall apartment. She leaves behind a place that she and Chris worked to improve once they knew their family would be expanding. With their own money they purchased major appliances, added wood flooring, and made other permanent improvements to their temporary home. Now they get to do it for real in their new house.

Likewise, Katie Storey took a foundation laid be her predecessor, Cara Taylor, and built upon it as well. Where Ms. Taylor developed the REAL LIFE and Resident Mentor program, Katie Storey took the Assistant Director for Residential Education position to further heights. She implemented the Sophomore College program with Cally Chenault. This was a bittersweet project, faced with adversity, resistance, and finally success. She further developed the Community Initiative program as well. She also became the expert on assessment in Residential Life and throughout Student Affairs and developed the departmental web page. The torch will now be passed on to Melissa Pinchback to develop these areas even further.

What Katie brought to our department was honesty, hard work, and enthusiasm. She was stellar at organization, worked creatively, and followed through on everything she started. She has a great sense of humor and I have created a bit of a monster as she has learned to comfortably out-sarcasm her director. Mostly, though, I am proud of Katie for the woman and person she is. She came from difficult, humble beginnings, and has never complained or been bitter. She has been a positive force but she appreciates the struggle of the underdog. She values education dearly, and completed her Master's degree while working full-time and having a baby.

During her nearly six years here Katie helped make our department a home. She was attentive to everyone’s personal needs and offered the kind of warm touches that make a house a home. We will miss that here but know that she will take her skills and blessings to her family. They deserve it.

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