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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Heavy Medal!

The Second Annual Dean of Students Half Marathon Challenge was run last Sunday (November 15, 2009) as part of the San Antonio Rock 'n' Roll Marathon. There were over 25,000 runners, including at least 80 who participated in the Trinity training program. That number qualified TU for third place in the Get Fit Challenge in the extra large division (not XL people, but size of company or school). Above, first year students Kevin, Morgan, Lucy, and Savannah proudly display their medals after crossing the finish line (an observer looks on while blowing into a bottle). These four students were regulars on weekend and mid-week training runs. Along with other students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends, participants trained weekly in escalating runs of longer distances. See the slide show at right for pictures of the pre-race pasta dinner, the runners expo, and race day. Click here to see peoples results and to watch video of specific runners crossing the finish line. (As Ben Newhouse and I have discussed, we thought we were flying at the finish, but the video shows otherwise.) The group also raised $400 and collected over 1,200 food items for the associated food drive. At right, above, more medal winners: Jessica, Amanda, Jessica, and Maddie.

I enjoy this program, not just because I like to run, but because it is so fun to train with people who have set their sights on a milestone and followed through to realize their healthy goals. Getting to know the runners and seeing the camaraderie develop is really awesome. I am inviting the runners to comment on their experience to try to fire people up for next year!


Ben said...

Thanks for all your support fellows runners! I could not have achieved this goal without your support!

Savannah Allan said...

This was such a great experience! I had run two half marathons before, but this one was the most fun for sure. Training with friends and getting to know people through such an awesome program was great and now I have a whole new group of people to run with :) I would recommend this!

Lucy Cevallos said...

I started training with 2 miles to my name, and there is no way I could have done it without everyone's support! There is no better feeling than sharing that kind of accomplishment with so many friends! I'm so proud of everyone who participated, whether it be donations or running! We rocked that half marathon! Way to go guys!

The MacGregors said...

Haha. I love the random man in the background of the first picture. He caught my eye right away. I'm glad you noticed him, too. I can always count on you, Dave.

Oh yeah, and congrats to everyone who participated!