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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Parents Talk

Parents braved the rain to attend the Parent Talk coffee at the home of the Dean of Students during the 2009 Fall Family Weekend, organized by Ben Newhouse and Student Affairs. This tradition allows list-servers to put names and faces together so they can get a better feel for who they are chatting with on-line. There was some conversation lamenting the fact that the students ridicule their parents for being involved with this list. The students should be thrilled though. No one is trading embarrassing stories, as they might suspect. The parents are, however, venting their own angst about the travails of parenting college students. It is a great outlet for them to be able to turn their angst toward one another instead of their college kids. Besides, when the students need some advice, they often ask the parents to seek it for them on the list. It is pretty much the way they treat parents and money: They need it, but preferably just on their own terms. See the slide show at right, with pictures from the Dean, and Trinity parent -- and four-time PT coffee attendee -- Leanne McClellan. Included in the pics are the coffee, the mixer with the faculty at the library, and a little bit of the football game.

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