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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Forward, Pay it

It shouldn't have surprised me that the Trinity Trustee forwarded my e-mail to him out to the rest of the Presidential Search Committee with his response. In that e-mail I was asking him for more information on the remaining candidates. The search committee's work is complete at this point, and the decision is now in the hands of the Trustees. I think my original e-mail made me seem persistent, impatient, and nosy. I actually am. But that's not the point.

This will likely not be the last time that an e-mail I send is forwarded against my intentions. I do it to others too, I suppose, though I try not to. As lawyers and others do, I could attach the little threat at the end of all my e-mails that say it is against the law -- and the will of the Lord -- to forward my privileged information. But why? Like others, I have become immune to that anyways, and now just delete the warning when I forward said e-mails to whomever I please. The truth is, I try to write funny, pithy e-mails to stave off boredom (mine and other people's)and I actually HOPE that most end up being forwarded. But not all.

A year or so ago I sent an e-mail to Career Services Director Brian Hirsch about an acquaintance looking for some job-search connections in San Antonio. I may have accidentally referred to the person as a "nervous-nelly," which really, I mean how bad is that. It can be a good thing, I think. Anyways, he forwarded my e-mail to her saying he would be happy to help out. I never did hear from her again, save for when she apologized for having bothered me. Sigh.

More recently, I sent an e-mail to some Trinity coaches asking them to ask their teams to stop taping signs up all over campus on game days, in violation of our very reasonable posting policy. My e-mail said: "... I don't mean to be a piss ant about this, but I am what I am." One of the coaches forwarded the e-mail to her entire team. They don't post "illegally" anymore, but they now all have an e-mail in which I am complaining about their activities and am admitting to being a piss ant. I am a very private person, and did not want the volleyball team to have this information.

I did want my staff to see that e-mail so they could see I was the guardian of all things posting policy-related. They thought it was pithy and funny that I admitted to being a piss ant, though a debate ensued about the definition of piss ant. Katie Storey thought a piss ant was a synonym for someone in a bucket brigade. Knucklehead. Josh Brack looked it up on his little electronic gizmo and the definition did pretty much did describe me, though not in a bucket brigade. He also took to the French pronunciation of the word to rhyme with croissant. The Residential Life staff has issues. I am the normal one.

Anyways, now I need to follow-up with new Security Chief Paul Chapa, who forwarded my e-mail about a staffer of his not using common sense, directly to her. Speaking of which...


Anonymous said...

In defense of myself, I cannot help that I was raised in a VERY rural area where words are literally made up; in my world piss ant would be used in the following way, "I had to piss ant every thing from one side of the house to the other".

Second, in defense of my colleagues... David Tuttle is far from the 'normal' one in the department. I mean just read some of these posts- what normal person would write some of that stuff.

Finally, I find it very interesting that the selection of voting buttons on the bottom of a post are all positive, what if I found it boring?

Oh and the other evil is the "reply to all button". I think it should be BRIGHT RED and hidden in the corner not next to the regular reply or forward button.

-Katie Storey

Heather Albee-Scott said...

Witty title for this post. I thought piss ant was one word.

Digital Subway said...

Interesting to read. This happens to us too and more often than not, brings trouble.
Point well made.