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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

YMCA Rocks!

The downtown YMCA has been relocated to just blocks from the Trinity campus, taking up quarters in the old Albertson's grocery store at St. Mary's and highway 281. This is huge for Trinity, coming at a time when campus officials were working on developing fitness sessions for students: non-credit aerobics, Pilate's, and yoga. Problem was finding gym space (because of athletic team practices) as well as scheduling and paying instructors.
Enter the new YMCA, which opened in June, 2009. While our own Bell Center boasts outstanding fitness equipment, basketball and racquetball courts, and an indoor pool, the YMCA offers an array of classes (spinning, boot camp, weight lifting), a rock-climbing wall, an eatery called the Grace Cafe, which features "Seattle's Best" coffee, and some new state-of-the-art equipment - all within walking distance of campus.

Employees will be happy to see that there are numerous options for children including day care-type facilities. The venture is part of a partnership with the Trinity Baptist Church (no relation to the University), which runs the Cafe and features other meeting spaces.
What the pictures can't reveal is that the place has a great vibe to it: clean, new, active, friendly, and welcoming. It provides a terrific option for the fitness -minded on campus and will allow great opportunities for future partnerships.


Anonymous said...

This is awesome. The Bell center is not even close to adequate.

Anonymous said...

The Bell Center is adequate, but should just be renovated for the tuition we pay every year, I don't need to waste my money for another gym membership.

Trinity should take some pointers from TCU's gym.

David Tuttle said...

I've been in the TCU facility and it is phenomenal and probably the best in the nation. Our facility is probably in the top ten percent. It does need renovation to expand locker room facilities for varsity teams. What the Y offers is the space for classes more than better facilities. Of course newer is always better. The best place to spend your tuition dollars, however, is probably in the classroom.

Anonymous said...

Great idea.

I know that we have decent facilities, but because of the problems of parking, numbers of users, and trying to get to the equipment when the teams are training, I just signed up at Bally's last year.

I would most interested in seeing the YMCA facilities.

Anonymous said...

As a student at Trinity University, I've found it difficult to either get to the gym when it's open or find equipment availible when I have time. The Bell Center has "adequate" facilities, yes... but the hours are not conducive to student life.

willthornton said...

Do you ever do the zoo run?