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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hot Stuff in Residential Life

Trinity President John Brazil awards Residential Life Senior Secretary Lisa Chapa the Helen Heare McKinley Classified Employee Award for June, 2009. Tucked in the President's left hand is an accompanying check! Lisa Chapa started working in Res Life as a temporary gig in 2001.("Classified" staff members are hourly employees.) This award was set-up by its namesake to be awarded quarterly to those who work tirelessly though often without recognitions. Lisa was lured to campus by Wanda Olson on her day off to do work on the departmental budget for the VP. Lisa came to campus, because of her loyalty, only to be surprised by colleagues, family, and camera flashes.

Below, Assistant Director for Residential Education, Katie Storey, is bear-hugged by a proud Felicia Lee, VP for Student Affairs, after receiving the Pete Neville Award, given annually by the Student Affairs director/VP staff to an exemplary staff member. The award was presented at the annual Student Affairs after-glow luncheon following the academic year in late May (see slide show at the bottom of the blog). The event was held at LaFonda on Main. Historical note: There used to be a LaFonda near the airport, but it is now the Adult Megaplex.


Andi Narvaez said...

That explains the whole "Mexican special" misunderstanding.

Kathy said...

I thought it was Ninfa's- or is there another Adult Megaplex?

David Tuttle said...

Just to be clear, I am not an expert in Adult Megaplexes. It was more the La Fonda piece I was commenting on!