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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rave On... A Scream Come True

When Diane Graves, Director of the Trinity Library, learned of library "Raves" taking place at campuses out east she knew who to contact. Unwittingly, her e-mail to senior Nick Shockey set the Trinity Rave into motion. Shockey, who had worked with Dr. Graves on committees and a project on open course-ware seized the moment. He informed Dr. Graves that he would work with her to ensure the Trinity iteration would be well-coordinated and damage-free. His first step was to figure out what she was talking about.

Shockey put his information literacy to use and researched the Raves. He then contacted student Josh Currie who has experience setting up audio equipment. Working with Dr. Graves they made logistical arrangements including taping down wires and even doing a run-through the night before the May 7 Rave. The result was a 15 minute musical scream-fest. Students have referred to it as one of the best things to happen at Trinity. The break, during finals week, provided a great release for students who were studying in the Coates Library. Well over 200 students participated. Click here to see the video! Currie says he and Shockey were nervous because their reputations were on the line. They weren't worried about getting in trouble, rather, they weren't sure a crowd would materialize.

Students have been trying to make this happen for at least 15 years. It was promoted as a primal scream and organized by ASR in the past. Signs and word-of-mouth only yielded crowds of a dozen or so screaming students. This year's event worked because word was spread through the social networking site Facebook. No doubt, its YouTube documentation will aid in growing the event in the future. Currie, who will also be the Trinitonian editor next year, already has plans for a December Rave. Diane G.Raves has only herself, and a couple resourceful students to thank.

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Anonymous said...

well done trinity! a small college in maine does "super snacks" every thursday, friday and saturday night at midnight. they open the dining hall and play great music and have fun snacks. the kids all make it there on a regular basis. a good alternative to being out on the streets at the end of an evening where drinking may be involved! during finals ... well that is brilliant ... a great way to harmlessly let off some steam.