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Friday, March 20, 2009

In Sink

The e-mail from our librarian to the campus community read: "Java City is back up!" Thus ended a controversial several days when Java City - the library coffee shop - was shut down by a local health inspector. Apparently after several years of not having a distinctive and separate hand-washing sink, Java City was in violation of code. A student eyewitness reported ordering a cup of water that was dispensed from the sink when the health inspector announced that the operation would be shut down because an employee had previously washed her hands in that sink. This is apparently a no-no, although clean hands are considered better than dirty hands in most cases.

An all-campus e-mail was sent out by Librarian Graves at 8:30 on Wednesday morning announcing the shutdown. (Ms. Graves is known mostly for her campus-wide e-mails warning students about music piracy, so this was a refreshing, if not disturbing change.) Apparently standing between a campus and its coffee is a bad idea. A new sink was installed from start to finish within 36 hours. This may be a good omen for the tightly scheduled summer renovation of Miller Hall.

Up next for campus problem-solving: global warming.


Andi Narvaez said...

Dean Tuttle, your post titles continue to be the highlights of my days.

Martin said...
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ComeTUgether said...

Here's a different take on the sink issue:
"Coffee Crisis? Really?

And the global warming too:
Earth Hour

David Tuttle said...

Martin et al. I did not know there was this, how do you say, Come TUgether blog? I will have to follow it. I stopped following the My Tiger Talk blog when I was referred to as a "disgusting child-molesting c***sucker." So please, don't go there. (That was proposed as a nickname for me, by the way. Regarding the tale, it was broken beyond repair and will be replaced this summer. We have an annual budget process to follow on furniture replacement anyways. The sink affected people much more broadly so it received the important and appropriate attention needed.

Shep McAllister said...

Dean Tuttle, you should get an account on We would love to hear from you.