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Friday, October 10, 2008

Winters at Trinity - Hall of Famer Added

A group of faculty and staff members has been playing "Noon Ball" basketball on campus going back at least as far as the 1970's. The group was even covered in the San Antonio Express News back in 1998. George Winters began playing in 1975 and "retired in the mid-90's. On October 9, 2008, he was inducted into the Trinity "Noon Ball" Hall of Fame. Above left, George receives his plaque from Maury Eggen, the Hall's second inductee.

When Pete Neville, former Director of Student Activities, moved to California in 2004, the Noon Ball guys honored him by creating the Noon Ball Hall of Fame, with Pete as the first inductee. A plaque is displayed in the Webster Sports Forum of the Bell Athletic Center and now lists eight inductees. Above right, George's name is added to the Bell Center plaque.

Current Noon Ball-ers Rick Roberts and Mike McKinnerney also joined in at the Coates Center Tigers' Den for the ceremony. Recounting stories of old characters, down to the colors of their shoes, the hand they shot with, and the ways they got under someone's skin was a fun way to reminisce. The award has been a fun, light way to commemorate old friends but has been a touching honor for them as well. You learn more about guys than their skills at Noon Ball.

George has taught Trinity students music and currently offers private lessons on campus. A semi--retired bass player for the San Antonio Symphony, George also headed the Winters Chamber Orchestra, a regular Ruth Taylor Theatre fixture for 25 years.

George used to hoop it up with Professor Bob Blystone, who along with Doug Brackenridge and Walt Hargraves advised the basketball-lovin' Omega Phi's. When Doug stepped down in 1981 George was invited to be an advisor to the group and was told it would not be a significant time commitment. He still advises the group today, 27 years later.

George was a good player and a true gentleman and statesman on the court. Also inducted, in absentia, was John Bentley, alumnus. He will have his own story in a subsequent post when he comes to town and receives his plaque.


rdevlin said...

Way to go George! You are a true man of culture and competition...

scottwilliams said...

George - Congrats on receiving such a prestigious honor. There was not a tougher rebounder or better no look passer during Noon Ball in my day than you. Thank you for being such an incredible inspiration!

All the best,

Scott Williams '89