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Friday, October 10, 2008


Everybody loves the Trinity House of Liberal Politics (THOLP). This is a self-governed Community Initative floor that is organized around the theme of politics in the context of this year's election. The students were placed on the first floor of Murchison Hall where they are very visible on the trek from lower to upper campus.

The staff has tried to curb this group's tendency toward sloppiness, but they are a great advertisement for what college should be. Students sitting around, talking politics, wasting time, smoking, greeting others coming up the hill, and even sleeping. Here's to you THOLP!

1 comment:

Thad said...

As an alum, it's good to see political diversity as well as other kinds thriving at Trinity. I'm reminded of the classic question posed at Prez debate #2: what do you not know, and how will you learn it? Of course, the natural corollary of that question is an even better one: what do we "know" that isn't so? Good to see you guys on the project!