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Friday, August 1, 2008

Welcome Week is for EVERYONE!

For the first time in the modern era, Trinity students will return to campus in August to find events scheduled specifically for them. In the past, the focus has been on New Student Orientation, with opportunities for the upperclass students to jump in on one or two events. One of the major issues identified by students in the 2001 Quality of Student Life Task Force and again in the 2006 Upperclass Task Force was that there was no sense of welcome during the second year and beyond. Indeed, the attention has always been on getting first year students acclimated and adjusted. The Trinity experience is four years long though, and all students should feel welcomed back each fall.

So what is on schedule for our returning students? First, the upperclass students have move-in day set-up by class. Sophomore College students come in on Saturday, August 23. The following day there will be a conference-style session for students to attend to get tips on managing in their second year here - and avoiding the sophomore slump. This will be followed by a barbecue on the Prassel Lawn.

Juniors will return on Sunday, August 24 and on Monday will have a session specifically directed toward their needs. Internships is one area that will be a focus. The conference sessions are really panels with students who will comment on their personal experiences from the year or two before. This will be followed with a dessert in the Heidi Lounge.

Finally, seniors will return on Monday, August 25. ALL seniors (on or off campus) are invited though, to attend the conference session on transitions OUT of Trinity, job and graduate program preparation and more. Staff and alumni will serve as panelists to discuss these important issues. A senior happy hour will follow.

The other major events planned for new and returning students include comedian Nicholas Anthony, hypnotist Daniel James, the welcome back concert with Reel Big Fish, the midnight movie Iron Man, and of course the Reading TUgether lecture. There will be an all-school picnic on the Wednesday evening before classes begin. This is in place of the picnic previously sponsored by ARAMARK prior to a football game. Returning students will be asked to be on hand at 5:30 p.m. to welcome the new students as they process from the convocation.

Welcome Week is for everyone. The staff and student leaders are anxious to make returning to Trinity feel like a homecoming.


TexasDenise said...

Welcome Week for Everyone is great!
It is wonderful that you are having welcome back days and activities for each year's students.

TU Student said...

Yeah great great except that we now have a specific day to move it based on our year. Too bad for seniors if they have someone helping them move who works, they have to move in on a Monday. This class segregation HAS to stop. Not to mention the coddling that the administration is putting on the student body... See: Sophomore College. (Way to read our petition against it.) The list continues.

David Tuttle said...

I understand some of this residual negative sentiment. I hope we prove doubters wrong though. I have vowed to stop defending the recommendations of the upperclass task force. We are in full implementation mode. The task force had an intense, positive, and progressive student voice.

Evan said...

I was part of the first class to participate in the Sophomore College, and I can vouch that it was a positive experience. I believe that Trinity has our best interests in mind, and they have seen many more classes of students pass through College than we have. I trust them, and applaud them for taking the initiative to keep on making the Trinity experience more enjoyable.

A Student! said...
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