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Friday, July 11, 2008

Boys of Summer

The first Trinity Guys Night at the Missions baseball game was Thursday, July 10. Coincidentally, it was $1 night for soda, pizza, hot dogs, and beer. Much was consumed, though cups and pizza slices were suspiciously smaller than usual. Gary Neal, director of Counseling and Health Services, Ben Newhouse, Assistant Director of CCI, and Dennis Ugolini, Professor were pegged to participate in the fourth inning tricycle race. Ben won a hat and bragging rights. Physics instructor, Dr. Ugolini, ironically had trouble with his wheel spinning too fast as he pedaled. Note in the video that Ben Newhouse was doused with water as he passed the Missions dug-out. Jared Pack and twin brother Travis are pictured. Jared works for ITS and is at right... unless he is the one on the left. See more pictures on the slidehow, elsewhere on this blog.


ELK said...

DT thanks for my first chuckle of the day...have a great weekend.

Dennis Ugolini said...

The video clearly reveals a mechanical malfunction with my tricycle. There's also a guy with a can of WD-40 visible behind the grassy knoll.

It was worth it to see the Midland guy pull his arms back into the dugout before I sheared them off.

Rachel said...

I really just go to Trinity so I can see my physics professor lose in a tricycle race.