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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Body Image Goes National

Trinity University should be very proud of the Body Image program. Dr. Carolyn Becker, in our Psychology department, has done extensive research on her Body Image program. She has included women from Trinity sororities in this venture as researchers, planners, and participants. She has also been a valuable campus and local resource, working collaboratively with the Trinity counselors, Dean of Students, and several thrertapists off campus. Her work, and that of the sorority women, has been acknowledged by the national Tri-Delta sorority as they prepare to launch the program nationally. The program was also recognized in June on the blog of Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN (scroll down to the June 9, 2008 entry).


ELK said...

DT thanks for this new form of communication. Will this program be available to non-greeks, it seems so in the article but was not clear.

David Tuttle said...

I believe the program at trinity anyways, has been extended to female athletes. Thanks for reading me!