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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Announcing the Half Marathon Challenge

I am excited to announce the first Dean of Students Half Marathon Challenge. The San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon will be on Sunday, November 16, and all members of the Trinity community are invited to participate. A half marathon is 13.1 miles short. With a decent running base and some training, anyone can do one! One of the best resources out there on this and other running topics is Runners World. We will wear Trinity gear and show San Antonio that Trinity Rocks! Okay, well, maybe it will just be me. Most students I have mentioned this to have seemed enthusiastic. I hope they were being true and not just "yes-Dean"-ing me. This year, the goal is to determine the interest level, have fun and develop camaraderie by training together, and focus on personal health. The long-term goal will be to connect with some sort of charity and community service project. This year's group will offer recommendations for that. We will have some guest speakers and do a pre-race pasta dinner from the Dean's Office. This program is in line with the Student Affairs values related to health and wellness, and in the future, social responsibility. If you have a hint of interest, please sign-up to be placed on the e-mail list.


Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting. Any idea what the training schedule will look like?

David Tuttle said...

The training during the week will be mostly on people's own time, though I imagine some groups will want to run together depending on the schedule. I will help facilitate that. We will do weekend long runs together. Those will increase in distance up until the race, with some step backs too. It will be a reasonable training and I have some experts scheduled to offer some sessions and tips. We will use a program kinda like this: