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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy Holidays from the Tuttles!

Two of my favorite girls in the world at Christmas on Oakmont.

So we put a wrap on another semester. While my two boys are off at college - one studying abroad in Finland from his home base at Southwestern, and the other battling mono during finals at TCU, I am celebrating the bulk of the season with the women in my life. Above, Joelle and Kellyn help host campus guests at the annual Christmas on Oakmont program following Christmas Vespers. Earlier that day, my wife Donna and I participated in the Color Me Rad run in San Antonio. One of my runners, Molly Zumbro, set up a Trinity team and there were a ton of students participating among 7,000 locals. Many students volunteered at the event as well, and some were a little too happy, for my liking, to bomb me with dye packs. Occupational hazard.

We have had a blessed year and were lucky to be moved to a vacant campus house on Oakmont this fall, allowing us to fully participate in Sunday's activities. This is probably the final post for the month, with several new ones in the works for January. Until then, Happy Holidays!

1 comment:

The Kemps said...

You got to move onto Oakmont?! That is fantastic - congratulations, you deserve it! I guess your Christmas card will be forwarded...