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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

HOT Dog!

Student Paige Carlson, above, holds The Dog Jurgens at the Dean of Students home following a weekend walk. By now, most on campus people have learned about Jurgens as she has become a bit of a media darling. Maybe I should start peeing on the carpet too.

Click on The Dog Jurgens Web page to learn more about this TSA puppy being fostered on campus by Campus Publications and the Dean of Students. Or go directly to these pieces: Trinitonian coverage, a local TV news story, and a Trinity press release. You can follow the campus antics of Jurgens on her Twitter and Facebook accounts too. She is better at social media than much of the Student Affairs staff.

Jurgens is a hit with the students. I find, as well, that when I walk her around campus students will warmly greet Jurgens. (As though I was invisible, no less.) As for Paige, she had already been a TSA volunteer and was there when Jurgens was merely days old. Now she has home court advantage!

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