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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

LeRoy, Oh LeeRoy

Today on campus I noticed this guy with a maroon cap with the Trinity Tiger sports logo on the back. I had never seen that cap and was struck by the large tiger, but something seemed amiss. Turns out my subconscious thoughts were screaming at me that the Major League Baseball logo was under the tiger. I looked, inconspicuously,and noted the big "T" on the front of the cap. And so I met LeRoy Mitchell, first year student and TU football player (see t-shirt). He was extremely polite and when I asked where he got the hat he explained that he had it made back home - Lubbock I think. He had the Texas Ranger T put on a Trinity maroon hat and added the Trinity tiger logo on back. And he didn't mind some guy taking his picture.
Did LeRoy know that LeeRoy used to be a live tiger borrowed by the University for Trinity football games and is the moniker of our daily newsletter? Doubt it. But I love LeRoy's spirit for his football team and his school. And he just got here. Hold that Tiger!


Anonymous said...

This is a great point you bring up. I had thought about makeing my on hat also because we have such a lame option of school spirit items. That was not the case in high school and it was smaller than Trinity. How can we change this? Could we ask our art students to get inspired and come up with some ideas. Should we have a contest? Your the boss what do you think? Dont get all polical on me and say every think is perfect in the flare world.

David Tuttle said...

Dear Anonymous,

The Bookstore Manager is into it. Suggest more specific ways to get student feedback funneled to the staff there. The better the items the better the sales. So everyone wins. Don't know why this hasn't come up before. Personally, I like the items. But flare may not be my strong suit.

Anonymous said...

How about a Trinity Tervis Tumbler, some more pink items the girls like that, a cartoon tiger that is more fun and a bit of a jokester. I know gray and maroon are our colors but lets get some more white shirts. It seems the best way to get a new tshirt around here is to join a club.

Jane Powerus said...
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