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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Modern Extra

Trinity graduate Miguel (Mike) Guerra ('10) hits the big time in this past week's episode of Modern Family. Mike makes his first appearance at around the 14 minute mark when Mitchell hands him a flier at a food court. He appears again about 17 minutes in when he turns spectator at a harp performance.

This is likely only the beginning for Mike, who played in several Trinity productions and served on the Residential Life staff as a Resident Mentor. Mike moved out to LA and has clearly continued to hone his craft. In the background you can see the guy who played Al Bundy in "Married With Children."

Jerheme Urban, John Cornyn, Barney the Dinosaur... Make room for Mike Guerra. (I knew he would make network TV one day. I really did. Really!)


Noelle MacGregor said...
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Noelle MacGregor said...

What about the Butthole Surfers? Didn't they go to TU, too?

Miriam said...

So cool! Great work, Mike. Good find, DT!

Digital Subway said...

I am glad Mike is living his dreams!