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Friday, January 21, 2011

Counter inTUitive 1.21.11 - Conduct Report

This is a regular feature to examine the information in the weekly Trinitonian editorial. I love the Trinitonian and the students who run it. Sometimes, however there are more nuances to the issue than they have space for. Besides, electronic media allows for there to be "watchdog" watchdogs. Editorials are rated by "hits," as in blog hits, with one being worst and 5 being best. If they are published on-line I will provide links.

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Student conduct report should influence university decisions
I appreciate that the Trinitonian cobvered the Fall 2010 Conduct Report. The point of the report is to share information with students to educate them about the conduct process and how it unfolds here. Sometimes students are suspicious of authority, so laying out the facts is important in building trust. Plus, rules are here to ensure students can live, sleep, and study in a safe environment. As I often say, I am not a big "rules" guy. But, people do need expectations and parameters.

Nice job by Tommie on the news article. The editorial, I think, was taking issue with any of the following:
- A Student-centered process (all student conduct board)
- An inaccurate perception, by me about a decrease/increase in alcohol violations
- And lack of action drawn from statistics

The editorial misstated the number of fall violations, instead referring to last spring's violations. That error, I think, led to a premise based on misinformation, I think. I hope that is cleared up in the next issue. Last year a committee reaffirmed the conduct structure here (Trinitonian was invited to attend committee meetings, but didn't). People like that we have an all-student board, and I think are encouraged that half the students who come before it are found not responsible. The Trinitonian infers that the board must be letting their friends off. In fact, they are actually making decisions based on the best information presented. That is a perfect role for students to play. The alcohol coalition reviews information and actually sets sanctions for violations. I like that too.

The statistics vacillate regularly. I like to publish them, but drawing conclusions on a semester by semester basis can be difficult. I have learned that. I hope the Trinitonian does too. I appreciate that the paper tied to raise the topic as one of importance. I think.

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