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Friday, September 10, 2010

Counter InTUitive 9.10.10

This is a regular feature to examine the information in the weekly Trinitonian editorial. I love the Trinitonian and the students who run it. Sometimes, however there are more nuances to the issue than they have space for. Besides, electronic media allows for there to be "watchdog" watchdogs. Editorials are rated by "hits," as in blog hits, with one being worst and 5 being best. If they are published on-line I will provide links.

Since this is the first Trinitonian review of the semester, I will offer some broader feedback. Overall this issue features great quality regarding depth, writing, reporting, professionalism, and appearance.

On the University screening student e-mails:
Not only can we not technically or legally read student e-mail, we have no interest. Most of us don't have time to read our own e-mails, let alone get into a raunchy student exchange about the Iliad. Mainly though, we just don't think you are that interesting (no offense).

RIP Cobb-Racy
Regarding a small building being torn down as part of science facility renovation:
It might help for people to know that SLH stands for Science Lecture Hall. SLH was mainly the term for the 60's era terraced classroom. Oh, and you owe Dr. Blyston an "e."

Professor Play list:
Speaks for itself. Great feature.

Hot water story and editorial
Regarding the lack of hot water over Labor Day weekend
So, I only learned of the water softener angle by reading the Trinitonian. Despite having measures in place to manage things like hot water outages the University response was rife with miscommunication, late communication, and errors. We will do better next time. In our defense, some of these things unfold over time in unpredictable ways. The long weekend, the rain, and narrowing down the problem all compounded things. I am not making any excuses... Just kidding, I am. Our bad. (Note to students: next time you stage a protest do it when we are around. It looked fun though.)

4 blog hits

ASR (student government) Student Activity fee
Coverage on the initiative by ASR to propose a fee increase
Good story and editorial. Equally thrilled and bummed that a former blog post of mine was used against ASR. We ARE over-programmed AND under-funded. Those things are not mutually exclusive. Well-considered editorial, but there is more to this in terms of student groups wanting funding. That's not ASR's fault. But at least people aren't criticizing ASR for inaction. This is more like it!

4 blog hits


Anonymous said...

Why is the proudly sporting an issue from April 23rd? Surely in the couple of weeks since school started there have been more editions than the one you reviewed (not that that is on the website either). Is the school no longer putting the Trinitonian online? As an alumni, I've enjoyed reading it for years and I hope they don't discontinue this practice.

David Tuttle said...

I believe they are working on getting their on-line publication up live again. They do depend on ad revenue to operate and I think that makes publishing in two mediums complicating, not to mention that maintaining a quality and up-to-date on-line edition is challenging for full-time students. Maybe someone from the paper will enlighten us...

Kristina Meyer, editor said...

Dean Tuttle is correct-- we were in the process of setting up our own independent site. While it's still a work in progress, the site is now live: Enjoy!

Brian Sparks said...

I couldn't help but chime in after stumbling onto your most entertaining and enlightening blog.

As for this periodic feature responding to Trinitonian editorials, all I can say is, thank heaven we didn't have such blogs back when I wrote the editorials and the inimitable Dr. Grissom was VPSA!

Keep up the great work,

Brian Sparks '00

David Tuttle said...


Nice to hear from you and thanks for weighing in. Something tells me that if you really needed feedback, Dr. Grissom would have ensured you received it!