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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sprayin' some hits...

Classes haven't started, it isn't baseball season yet, and there was a bizarro magician performing as part of Welcome Week to a packed house in Laurie Auditorium. Despite all that, and the unexpected activation of the sprinklers, and that no one was around to shag balls, senior Tiger baseball player Ryan Murphy spent some time Monday night honing his craft with a bat, a tee, and a bucket of balls.

I like that the field was available to him. I like that the lights were available to him. I like t
hat there was no homework for him to think about. And I just like the image of a guy with a work ethic, indifference to recycled water, and a little muscle memory: All with Trinity as the backdrop. Moments make the experience. This seemed like a cool one. According to his Coach, Tim Scannell, Ryan is a hard worker and a terrific young man. All the better.

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dsmithkc said...

Great picture and blog post! As a longtime baseball fan (and long-suffering follower of the Kansas City Royals) I can appreciate the yearning someone has for the "next" baseball season. The picture evokes memories of the famous scene from Bull Durham where the players joyfully manufactured their own rainout.