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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Life is Good... TOO Good?

Nevermind that what I really wanted to do last night was watch the Spurs on TV. I wouldn't dare. I was committed to the Student Affairs sponsored program on Human Trafficking in Laurie Auditorium, where a professor from San Francisco explained that 27 million people are enslaved today.

If I didn't care about modern-day slavery, I could have attended the Coates Library Film Series across the way in Northrup Hall to view the Norwegian film "Troubled Waters." But then I would have missed the ASR kickball tournament on lower campus, which was planned to raise money for the victims of the Haiti earthquake. If I were a member of the College Democrats I might consider skipping the 7:30 pm meeting for any of these events, which would generally seem to align with my political convictions.

Of course, I was tired and wanted to be a couch potato. And I didn't even go to the Ash Wednesday service at the Chapel yesterday, though I did make it to Nacho Hour and to have my image etched into a crystal at the Coates Center (that's a different post). Had I gotten too down, depression screening day was up the stairs from 1 to 4 pm at Counseling Services. And, if I were a senior, I may have needed that after going to the graduation preparation expo in the Fiesta Room, feeling blue over leaving my beloved TU. Even more depressing may have been seeing the food drive collection bin that as a graduate, I might need to take advantage of given the current economy.

So, that was Wednesday. Factor out meals, exercise, classes, homework, facebook, hygiene, checking YouTube... Well, you get the idea.

As crowds shrink with each passing event, one has to wonder whether or not we have too much of a good thing going. I would like to say that Wednesday was an anomaly, but it wasn't. The Thomas Friedman lecture was the previous evening, the Iranian comedian is tonight, and the latest play opens Friday. And so forth and so on. But what would you cut? We want it all. We are left to make tough choices though. No wonder the urge to sit at the computer often wins. it is simpler, believe it or not.

Consider this post a mere conversation starter. We need to figure out how to trim down or better coordinate events in the future. I plan to schedule a forum to discuss this issue. I am looking at Monday night. I hope to pick up those not attending the roast of senior Josh Currie, or those going to the career-searching-in-the-age-of-social-networking workshop, or the Josia Heyman lecture on the theory, ethnography, application issues related to the US-Mexico border region, or those slated for Student Conduct Board, or...


Anonymous said...
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Isabel "Texas" Longoria said...

I whole heartedly agree. I am a big proponent of every event that Trinity or one of its groups puts on, but there just seem to be too many choices. And not only that, but the advertisement generated for each one just seem to mute each other out. I used to think it was just genuine apathy, but more and more I see that everyone is just overbooked. Maybe there could be a way to divide times; club meetings in the afternoon, big events at night? As you stated, it would be hard to decide what to give up.