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Friday, December 11, 2009

Tiger Tales: Student Lessons

The above ad was on display in the DFW airport, so I took it as a sign that I needed to blog about Tiger Woods and his recent issues. So here, in no random order, are thoughts and lessons that students can take from this saga:

1. Just because someone is an athlete, an entertainer, a minister, or a politician it doesn't define their character in one direction or another. Doctors, lawyers, professors, deans, neighbors, and couch potatoes are no different. The one common denominator is being human. (Exception for Manu Ginobili.)
2. The best role models are the ones people know well personally: family members, friends, co-workers. They are real.
3. Sometimes private matters are nobody's business.
4. Sometimes we just can't look away.
5. People love to judge others. We are all regularly on both sides of this.
6. Some jokes are funny even if we don't want them to be.
7. In the electronic age things don't go away: 911 calls, voice messages, texts, videos, and pictures. Expectations of privacy have changed over the last decade.
8. A walk on the Appalachian Trail is not always a walk on the Appalachian Trail.
9. Integrity and ethical behavior matter. This underscores the importance of blending academic learning with experiential learning, and applied decision-making. College is a great place to learn.
10. Nobody's perfect. People make mistakes.
11. An indiscretion and a pattern are two different things. But you also can't kill a dead person.
12. The road to high performance isn't always paved.

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Tom said...

"A walk on the Appalachian Trail is not always a walk on the Appalachian Trail"

lmao, that was great.