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Friday, December 11, 2009

Serving up the Holidays

Above, some members of the Student Affairs staff served up breakfast on Thursday, December 10 at midnight to hundreds of TU students. This is the seventh annual winter breakfast served to students as a study break during this tense (finals and packing) and fun (break is here!) time of year. Wanda Olson, Associate Director of Residential Life actually took over this program from me several years ago. My version of the program had students paying for their own breakfast and the midnight feast was actually at 10 pm. It was a flop. Mrs. Olson injected life and holiday spirit into the program, making it an important campus tradition. It has become so popular that it is held in the spring now as well. Also serving with the SA staff was director of the library, Diane Graves, Admissions dude Jeremy Johnson, and Tiger Card director and Santa, Jerry Ferguson.

This is the last scheduled post of the semester. The Dean's List blog will resume its regular irregular publication schedule in early to mid-January. Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!

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