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Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Newlywed Game for Roommates

Residential Life Coordinators Josh Brack and Lily Gonzalez, who oversee the first year housing area and supervise the Resident Mentors strutted their own event planning skills, hosting the Newlywed Game for Roommates on October 13. Many students hoped to be selected, but only a few were chosen to compete for prizes based on how well they know their new roommates. This is the first time Residential life put on this program at this scale, though Res Life student staffers have done smaller versions in the past. Josh Brack, pictured at right, emceed the event and apparently didn't even have to look beyond his closet for an appropriate jacket.

As with the old Newlywed Game, roommates were quizzed about the habits and preferences of their other halves. The event drew a great crowd to the Tigers' Den, which is still available only for programs. Check at right for a slide show (photos by Sophomore College Coordinator Cally Chenault). Don't fret about the co-ed pairings, they are all staff members who either live alone or in the case of the pro staff, definitely not together.

1 comment:

Digital Subway said...

Glad to see this initiative on part of ResLife.

In my view, major thing that needs to be addressed is the lack of any opportunities to socialize on weekends. Social life for people who are not very 'Greek' is below par, I think. What can be done? And who should break this ice?

Should ResLife step in? Or should clubs step in? I don't know for sure. But something definitely needs to be done to fill this vacuum with some social activities.