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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Girls Run Wild

Women have issues. Or so I thought. That's why I decided to sponsor a presentation for female Trinity students on women's running issues.

The session was to be one of several in connection with the Second Annual Dean of Students Half Marathon Challenge. (A group of male and female students, faculty, and staff members who train together for the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon.) The sessions cover topics on running shoes and gear, proper running technique, and nutrition, to name a few. We all train together as well.

I didn't think it was absurd to assume that women would have running issues specific to them. There is even a running magazine for women. I am pretty savvy with women, although last year the female runners complained that the TU running shirts I ordered for race day were only in a men's cut. Picky. With all that in mind I contacted Catherine Austin from Run Wild Sports about talking to the females in our group about their special needs. My suggestions: sports bras; handling creepy male runners; pointers related to... female things unknown to men; nutrition for women, etc. Catherine says that aside from those related to elite runners, the issues specific to women runners are pretty minimal. She said she was willing to talk about sports bras, but said that would take about two minutes. I think I could talk about sports bras for two minutes.

My dilemma was that I had promised the women in the Half Marathon Challenge a session just for them. As a compromise, Catherine has invited them to her store as a group. I like the idea, because I want them to see a young female entrepreneur at work. And because they might have questions neither Catherine nor I had considered. Perhaps the most prominent will be: "Why weren't the guys included?"


The Kemps said...

Love it. Love how I hear your voice come through your writing even thought it's been since 2006 that I last saw you (at my wedding)!

Shep McAllister said...

About 30 minutes ago I drove by you running through a deluge of rain. I opened my window and yelled, "you should blog about this." About 5 seconds later it dawned on me that that may have come off as mocking to someone who was soaking wet coming from somebody in a dry car. Rest assured, I really did think it would make for an entertaining blog post, I was not trying to mock you. I also realized I should have offered you a ride. I was scrambling to get to work, and it didn't occur to me at the time, so now I feel like a big fat jerk. My sincerest apologies.

David Tuttle said...

I appreciate the clarification. I was wondering what the deal was, but your non-verbals suggested you were not being a jerk. I didn't hear what you said, but it seemed encouraging. Running and blogging: you are speaking my language. I was actually jogging back from the Y or wouldn't have been out there. Take care Shep!