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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Grand Kenyon

Happy Secretary Day to Lynette Kenyon (second from left) , Senior Secretary in the Dean of Students Office. Lynette joined us last summer and does a spectacular job. Aside from proofing my blog, Lynette does a lot of work on the TrinitE Parent newsletter, publishes the TigerBytes newsletter, fills out paperwork for students who need Dean Certification forms, and manages all student conduct administrative work. She is fun, puts up with me, calls me when I am not where I should be, and thinks I am amusing. All important job requirements!

She is pictured above with Lisa Chapa (far left) from Residential Life, Alanna Saldivar (second from right) from Dr. Lee's office, and Cally Chenault (far right) also from Residential Life. The photo is from the annual Student Affairs breakfast where the directors cook for the administrative staff. Other staff members serve and clean. it is a small way to thank our outstanding colleagues.


Lynette Kenyon said...

AW! Thanks! I love it here! My only question is this: could you have picked a worse picture of me? :-)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if you have these ladies man your Coates "office hours," you would get more traffic.

David Tuttle said...

Thanks for your comment. It is not the first time I have heard the words ladies man in the same sentence. On a different note, I prefer to use the word "staff" rather than "man." But I am forward thinking about these things. See you at home dear!