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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Doctor's Appointment

Last week Dr. Felicia Lee, VP for Student Affairs, notified the division "that after eight years of dedicated service to Trinity University, Becky Spurlock has resigned from her position as the director of Campus and Community Involvement effective June 2009." She will become Belmont University’s new Associate Dean of Students
This was a surprise to most of us but probably shouldn't have been. A few days later Mrs. Spurlock defended her dissertation at Texas A&M and now joins the ranks of the elite, to forever be known as Dr. Spurlock. (Coincidentally, this month I sat in a luxury suite at a Spurs game, went to the Springsteen concert, dined with a famous Brit not named Paul McGinlay, and on Easter was able to start eating cereal again, so I know how it feels to be on a similar roll.)
Dr. Spurlock has been here eight years, first making a splash as the Director of Career Services. She immediately raised the profile of that area and the campus was literally abuzz with her arrival. After a failed search for the new CCI Director Mrs. Spurlock threw her hat in the ring and was a unanimous choice to fill the post. In her time at CCI she has re-structured the department, developed strategic goals, led with vision, and systematically worked to improve all areas under her purview (Greek Life, Orientation, Multicultural Affairs, Service, Publications and more).
Additionally, she has consistently taken on tasks such as re-accreditation, leadership training, and the development of a student organization handbook (which is more impressive than it sounds). Becky has been our resident expert on all that is academic in higher education. I have learned a lot from her when she was able to keep my attention.
Dr. Spurlock is most infamous, though for putting an industry-standard risk-management policy in place for student organizations, to the chagrin of many students. Holding students accountable, expecting them to follow laws and policies, worrying about their safety - these are all reasonable things. But, getting in the way of students' rights to party doesn't poll well. That's too bad. Usually when things go bad though (student injury or death, hazing, assault) people will turn, and point fingers back on campus. Dr. Spurlock has always gotten that -- and taken her lumps for it. But she leaves with a clear conscience and faith in her convictions.
We have seen Becky's clan grow from couple to family, with the births of her daughter Madeline and her son Miles, pictured above with her husband Jeff. Belmont has gotten a strong leader and staff member and we are losing one. They will welcome her and we will miss her. Congratulations on your new appointment Dr. Spurlock.


Lynette Kenyon said...

I'm sad to see her go, but am happy that she has been given this opportunity! We will certainly miss Dr. Spurlock!

Andi Narvaez said...

OH No! Becky is so great! Trinity will definitely lose a very important member of its community. She is one of the few people I know who can be firm, stern and decisive but also extremely understanding, supporting, encouraging and more "ings" I can't even list here in the interest of keeping this somewhat short. The groups I was in, and me personally!, were able to do so much while at Trinity because she stood with us. Best of luck!

brenda said...

"Has gotten?" Sorry - being annoying proofreader.... I, too, have benefitted from Becky's (career services) expertise and I will always giver her due credit for helping me be where I am today! Thank you, Becky. I will miss you but wish you all the best in your future endeavors.