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Sunday, March 29, 2009

All in the Family

The 2009 Spring Family Weekend was a smashing success. See the slide show at right (click on it to make it bigger, then click slide show). Among the events pictured are the Student Affairs Awards of Excellence, the Saturday reception and ParentTalk ice cream social, and Trinity Spotlight. The Spotlight talent show was an incredibly well-done program: Every single act was entertaining and extremely well-done. But don't just take my word for it. The Pike/Sigma number evoked memories of the original "Sing-Song" which was a showcase for Greek organizations. Congratulations to Ben Newhouse and his committee for putting on a terrific weekend.

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Mom said...

I've almost completed the third year of my love affair with Trinity University and last weekend "Family Weekend" reinforced why I feel the way I do. I spent wonderful time with my daughter, met more of her awesome and exciting friends, visited with other parents I enjoyed immensely, attended Trinity Spotlight(for the 2nd year) where I was in awe of the diverse talent, and walked the beautiful campus. Within minutes of visiting Trinity during my daughter's junior year in high school, I knew this was THE place for her. I saw it in her eyes. She still has that look and passion for Trinity, for her friends, professors and all that means so much to her here. Thank you Trinity and thank you Dean Tuttle!