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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Felicia Lee Turns Four-OH!

The Residential Life staff, eating again, takes Student Affairs VP Felicia Lee to Habenero's - a popular student hang-out that was Chipotle before Chipotle's was Chipotle's. It is actually owned by Trinity grad Steve Kraft. So why is everyone in black? To show the appropriate respect and honor to a colleague who is entering her fifth decade. Happy Birthday Dr. Lee - from Residential Life and Student Affairs.

RLO Loves Pizza

It would seem that all that the Residential Life staff does is eat. To welcome our newest Residential Life Coordinators, and their beloveds, we had a pizza party at the Dean's residence. At right, new first-year area RLCs Lily Gonzalez and Melissa Pinchback enjoy some yummy soda. At far right, upper-class RLC Josh Brack and his gal-pal Amanda share a pizza together.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Reel Big Fish to Play Welcome Week Concert

So... the Concert Committee picked Reel Big Fish to play on August 29. RBF is a ska band, which near as I can tell means they like to sing about their style of music. Students I have asked about the band seem pretty happy with the pick. What do you think. Take my poll!

Student Affairs Directors go to Austin

The Student Affairs Directors and others took a fun-filled trip to Austin in June to play. The "Main Event" allowed us to showcase skills in mini-golf, laser tag, and bowing. Pictured from left to right are Becky Spurlock, Stephen Nickle, Jackie Bevilacqua, Felicia Lee, Wanda Olson, Ben Newhouse, Twyla Hough, Brian Hirsch, and Gary Neal. I am behind the camera!