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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Family Matters

The October 3-4 Fall Family Weekend was a huge success. The FFW committee put together a terrific program that included a lecture from faculty marshal and education professor Dr. Angela Breidenstein, a faux Nacho Hour to replicate the weekly Wednesday event, a reception in the Library with faculty members from every academic department, a talk by top administrators, and a ParentTalk reception at the home of the Dean of Students. (See the slide show at right to view the ParentTalk reception.) At that reception George McLellan made an encore appearance, staffers Gary Neal (Counseling and Health Services), Brian Hirsch (Career Services), Ben Newhouse (CCI), the Morgan's arrived separately - each lamenting that this was their LAST PT reception - and even Nutmeg, the resident Golden Retriever, came out to greet the parents.

Parents and other family members travelled from as far as Washington, New York, England, and even Houston to attend scheduled events, other campus activities such as the play and the soccer games, and mostly spend time with their loved ones.

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