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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The Student Affairs Office has undergone several changes over the past few months. We have bid farewell to Katie Jundt, Virginia Fraser, Katie Kanady, and Kris Weese, while welcoming Lily Gonzalez, Cally Chenault, Melissa Pinchback, Lynette Kenyon, Maranda Larsen, and Edwin Blanton. This week we learned that after seven years of terrific service Maureen Chea (pictured below, right) will be leaving the Vice President's suite to move to the Chapel to work with the Good Reverend Nickle. We will miss her! Maureen was the winner of the Trinity McKinley award in fall, 2007.
Katie Storey, Assistant Director of Residential Life, has recently announced that she is expecting a baby! This is much better news. We are all thrilled for Katie and her husband Chris. They join Staff Psychologist Kristin Eisenhauer and her husband Adam in the expectant parent category. Last, but not least, Residential Life Coordinator Josh Brack proposed to his lovely new fiancee, Amanda, last week. She accepted of course! Their nuptials are scheduled for later this fall. The Student Affairs staff is proud of all these colleagues, and congratulate them on their personal and professional changes.

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ELK said...

David Bowie , right?! Best Wishes to those moving to new positions, starting families and married lives!