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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bitter, Sweet

Trinity parents and other family members brought students from the Class of 2012 on Friday, August 22. We are so excited to have the new students here. The families were greeted by the Team Trinity move-in crew, went to the Celebrating Trinity program, attended a parent orientation, relaxed at a reception with the staff, and said goodbye at the Saturday farewell breakfast. At right, a proud mom from Florida sports her Trinity t-shirt and puts a license plate frame on his out-of-state vehicle.

Elsewhere on this blog is a slide show from the Friday reception and the Saturday breakfast. (Click on the slide show to expand it.) My role at the breakfast was supposed to be an unobtrusive one, yet I somehow ended up snapping 59 photos. It was so touching to see the families as they spent time together before departing campus.

What a pleasure to welcome the new families and students to the Trinity family. On behalf of the entire staff and faculty I can say we take our awesome responsibility extremely seriously (though often in a light-hearted way).

Parents can learn more by going to the Parents and Families web page to sign up for the daily LeeRoy event calendar, The TrinitE Parent and Family electronic newsletter, and ParentTalk, an interactive list serve. Fall Parent and Family Weekend is just around the corner.


Anonymous said...

hi david...can't find the slide i staring right at it?

ELK said...

thanks for all the wonderful photos seems like just yesterday we did that! Heres hoping for a great school year.

Tony said...

Thanks for all the great photos!
From one who missed the event ... thanks for being my eyes.